Never Forget!

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John Nolte, writing today in the Daily Wire, offers a blistering critique of the media’s attempt to manufacture problems where none exist:

“The media has not only found less than nothing, what has been found is a Team Trump behaving responsibly and appropriately in their dealings with Russian officials. Best of all, the only real scandal that appears to have been uncovered involves highly-inappropriate Obama Administration surveillance of a political rival, felonious leaks from an out-of-control intelligence community, and an extra-legal federal bureaucracy.”


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Trump Plays the Dems Like a Stradivarius

From the American Thinker today,

“After waiting for the Russian soufflé to collapse, Trump struck back with a real scandal: the Obama administration — which, as we’ve noted, changed the intelligence-sharing rules on their way out of office, had illegally been listening in on Trump and his campaign.”

It’s worth your time to read the whole article.

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Phony Hate Crimes, Phony Hate

from National Review Online

Kevin D. Williamson writes,

The Left, for the moment, cannot seriously compete in the theater of ideas. So rather than play the ball, it’s play the man. Socialism failed, but there is some juice to be had from convincing people who are not especially intellectually engaged and who are led by their emotions more than by their intellect…

If you find this article  to be offensive because you disagree with its author, lodge a rebuttal that is not an ad hominem.

You can read the entire article at National Review Online


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