Political Correctness

Prof. Galernter is surely right and I have nothing to add insofar as his critique of Trump’s use of Political Incorrectness. The problem of PC cannot be corrected politically and the election of Trump will do nothing to ameliorate the religion of PC.

political-correctnessTo restore sanity to our discourse, we need to raise of the values of truth and tact, i.e., we must be courageous enough to speak the truth and polite enough to speak it tactfully. I do not see Donald Trump as the champion of either. Carson can carry this flag across the Potomac, but hasn’t the political chops, Rubio comes close. Cruz also. Jeb has the heart but not the skill. Kasich comes across as pedantic and just plain supercilious. So, if Galernter is right (and I think he is) we’re are well and truly ()*&(*&() !

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