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In Response

This post is a response to a recent Facebook post calling for a constructive discussion about gun violence.  But, to have a constructive discussion requires not only respect, but truth. The first principle of constructive discourse is this: first, agree … Continue reading

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Lying about Gun Data

It takes humility, more than any other virtue, to recognize and accept truth. But it takes perserverence and courage to advance truth to those who hate you for it. THE FEDERALIST – We Can’t Have A Debate About Guns If Liberals … Continue reading

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Faster Please: Fire the FBI Chief

From the inestimable Keven D.Williamson writing in National Review: American government mostly works by interposition, standing between us, the free people at whose sufferance it exists, and the things we want to do. Want to drive a car? “F*** you, … Continue reading

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How To Minimize Parkland-type Tragedies

Recently a Lefty friend (Yes, I have a few still) sent me two  memes: one that said the NRA had Parkland’s blood on its hands. The second advanced the statistic that men commit the vast majority (all?) of mass shootings. … Continue reading

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