What the Leftist Don’t Know: Blame and Responsibility

This tweet from Yoram Hazony is right on: “Translation: Actress recants traditional Orthodox Jewish views after being publically shamed for expressing them.”

The problem here is not restricted to feminists. It’s a characteristic of anyone who doesn’t know (or willfully ignores) the difference between responsibility and blame. Women and men have a responsibility to themselves and their dependents to conduct themselves in ways that do not invite unnecessary risk. In this case, Ms. Bialik’s ‘crime’ was to suggest (rightly so) that one way women can lessen the risk of inappropriate male attention is to dress and act modestly. Feminists call this “victim blaming”.

But blame and responsibility are not the same thing. If you leave your purse or wallet in an unlocked car with the windows rolled down in a very public venue and return 4 hours later to find you’ve been robbed, the robber is entirely to blame but the pain and embarassment due to your own careless behavior is entirely and justifiably yours.

That Ms. Baalik apologized is disappointing.

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