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Leftism and Christianity – Oil and Water

I wise man (Dennis Prager) once said, “While Conservatives believe Leftists are wrong, Leftists believe Conservatives are evil.” One need only to engage the arguments advanced by the Left on virtually every issue. Their arguments, every single one of them, … Continue reading

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Is Trump Hitler Reincarnated? Is He Even a Nazi?

I have challenged my good friends on the Left who continue unabashed with their Trump-Hitler equivalence theme and yet refust to articulate exactly how Trump’s policies resemble Hitler’s and/or the Nazis. So, over the past few months I’ve been doing … Continue reading

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How Are We To Accomodate Inconvenient Truths?

How do we handle inconvenient truths? By exploring whether the truth being advanced is, in fact, a truth. Some truths are surely inconvenient, but many – especially those advanced by the Left – are not truths. The best example of … Continue reading

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