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Yay For Science

Even the best scientists recognize and accept new findings. Here we have Bill Nye before the latest scientific findings on Gender.

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Is Hillary Fundamentally Honest and Trustworthy?

Kevin Drum, writing in Mother Jones – a far left opinion magazine – thinks so, or so the title of his piece claims, Hillary Is Fundamentally Honest and Trustworth But, do you see the problem with this (and other such) … Continue reading

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On The Decline of American Values

Stephen Kruiser writes… The Democrats are presently waging war on the Fifth Amendment to satisfy their ideological blood lust for the Second. Rep. John Lewis, who as a young civil rights pioneer was watched by J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI and … Continue reading

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History Behind the 2nd Amendment

This is a most interesting cartoon because it reflects a rather gross misunderstanding of the Founding Father’s view (and original intent) of the Second Amendment. Does the Second Amendment allow private citizens to own tanks? More generally, how might the … Continue reading

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