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The Democrats and High Gas Prices

Love this post from Instapundit by Ed Driscoll: ANALYSIS: TRUE. Democrats’ Sudden Concern For Gas Prices Is A Dodge To Hide Their Anti-Wallet Policies. Unfortunately for the left, it’s not hard to see what the party line was on gas prices … Continue reading

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The Hypocrisy of the Vulgar Left

So, you wanna talk about sh**holes. Here’s yer top ten sh**holes nobody wants to visit. But, history has something teach us about offensive presidential speech as no less a Lefty light than Rolling Stone in this defense of presidential vulgarity. … Continue reading

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On The Decline of American Values

Stephen Kruiser writes… The Democrats are presently waging war on the Fifth Amendment to satisfy their ideological blood lust for the Second. Rep. John Lewis, who as a young civil rights pioneer was watched by J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI and … Continue reading

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Flint’s Water Crisis Because Republicans

On the Flint water crisis… In hindsight, the execution of the decision to seek a new water supply was a disaster of epic proportions. But it is one entirely caused by government actors—most of them local government actors—and ignored by … Continue reading

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