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Yay For Science

Even the best scientists recognize and accept new findings. Here we have Bill Nye before the latest scientific findings on Gender.

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Oh, So Now the Left is Worried

Paraphrased from Instapundit: When Obama was ramming through a complete overhaul of one of America’s biggest industries, or killing Americans with drones, or stiffing Chrysler bondholders, or implementing huge changes in college life by administrative “guidance,” it was all DAMNIT, … Continue reading

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What Leftists Fail To Understand About Poverty

Conservatives and Libertarians believe that to be successful requires the adoption of the values of discipline (esp in matters of health and work habits), the ability to defer gratification, initiative, and accountability to name a few. People on the Left … Continue reading

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Flint’s Water Crisis Because Republicans

On the Flint water crisis… In hindsight, the execution of the decision to seek a new water supply was a disaster of epic proportions. But it is one entirely caused by government actors—most of them local government actors—and ignored by … Continue reading

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