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Is Trump Hitler Reincarnated? Is He Even a Nazi?

I have challenged my good friends on the Left who continue unabashed with their Trump-Hitler equivalence theme and yet refust to articulate exactly how Trump’s policies resemble Hitler’s and/or the Nazis. So, over the past few months I’ve been doing … Continue reading

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Are Liberal Jews Destroying Their Religion?

YES! “It’s time American Jewry repaired itself instead of the world“. — Jonathan Neumann Read the article.

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Resistence Is Futile

Wonderful piece today by the inestimable Don Surber titled, “Why the Resistance Is Futile“. The heart of Mr. Surber’s piece is this quote: The Times approach to Trump supporters was laughably offensive. It reported, “In interviews across the country over … Continue reading

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The Left’s Infatuation With Hitler

Note that conservatives rarely associate their Leftist protagonists with Nazism. On the other hand, the Left is infatuated with vilifying those with whom they disagree as being Nazis or being Hitler. Apart from the perversness of this practice, there are two … Continue reading

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