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Fact Don’t Matter Because Narrative

Quoted from the Federalist: TIME magazine is standing by a cover photo and story critical of Trump’s immigration policies that reporters exposed Friday as factually incorrect, wildly misleading, and lacking important context.   (underlined for emphasis) Please read the article … Continue reading

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On The Decline of American Values

Stephen Kruiser writes… The Democrats are presently waging war on the Fifth Amendment to satisfy their ideological blood lust for the Second. Rep. John Lewis, who as a young civil rights pioneer was watched by J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI and … Continue reading

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Political Ignorance and the 2016 Campaign

Ilya Somin, author of Democracy and Political Ignorance and Professor of Law and George Mason Univerisity, discussed his book on CNN. His thesis is that most of us have little incentive to educate ourselves about politics. He’s right. The American … Continue reading

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