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Is Bernie Sanders A Child Abuser?

No, he’s not a child abuser. But, his rhetoric is akin to it. Here is Roger Simon’s money quote after the Fox News Townhall featuring Bernie Sanders. “by repeating this long-discredited socialist cant until he is blue in the face, … Continue reading

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Is Hillary Fundamentally Honest and Trustworthy?

Kevin Drum, writing in Mother Jones – a far left opinion magazine – thinks so, or so the title of his piece claims, Hillary Is Fundamentally Honest and Trustworth But, do you see the problem with this (and other such) … Continue reading

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Political Ignorance and the 2016 Campaign

Ilya Somin, author of Democracy and Political Ignorance and Professor of Law and George Mason Univerisity, discussed his book on CNN. His thesis is that most of us have little incentive to educate ourselves about politics. He’s right. The American … Continue reading

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Campaign Finance and the Myth of Big Money

So, here’s what the Republican presidential candidates spent, per vote, in the New Hampshire primary. Note that Ted Cruz and Donald Trump finished #2 and #1 respectively spending $17 and $37 respectively. ┬áMore importantly, these data show that votes cast … Continue reading

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