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John MacArthur v N.T. Wright

It’s not clear to me that Pr. John MacArthur has read substantively any of the writings of N.T. Wright. If Pr. MacArthur has problems with Wright’s views on Justification and the New Perspective, I would very appreciate hearing why. As … Continue reading

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Unconditional Forgiveness Diminishes God

You and I have no right, religiously or morally, to forgive unconditionally those who do evil … If we sinners are automatically forgiven no matter what we do, why repent? In fact, if we forgive everybody for the evil they … Continue reading

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The Importance of Faith and the Ignorance of the Left

The Left just doesn’t get it and, more sadly, willfully ignores the role faith plays in the lives of the faithful – of any religion. The Left’s religious ignorance blinds them to the faith of people whose convictions are sufficiently … Continue reading

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Burn Their Churches and Kill Their Pastors

Cross Posted from Thus Said the LORD In the course of teaching my class, “What the Bible Really Says”, I present what the job of a shepherd entailed during biblical times. The allegory of Jesus as a shepherd was never … Continue reading

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