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Pity the Poor Tatooed Millionaires

Trump versus Tattooed Millionaires Who’s Divisive – the President or the Players? Kaepernick:  on why he wore socks with pig faces wearing police hats. “I wore these socks, in the past, because the rogue cops that are allowed to hold … Continue reading

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An Imam Weighs In

While those of us who decry the the decline in traditional notions of Christian morality might take comfort in the Gran Imam’s declaration, keep in mind that one of the effects of this judgment is that Episcopalians are not entitled to … Continue reading

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What Leftists Fail To Understand About Poverty

Conservatives and Libertarians believe that to be successful requires the adoption of the values of discipline (esp in matters of health and work habits), the ability to defer gratification, initiative, and accountability to name a few. People on the Left … Continue reading

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A Microagression That I Can Support

Here it is folks (and yes, it’s real) To the hysteria and dismay of social justice warriors around the world – and likely beyond, extending to their home planet – Breitbart tech editor and dark knight of the cultural libertarian … Continue reading

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