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Why Socialism? Explain

Blue Lines = prices subject to free market forces, i.e., no government subsidies Red Lines = prices subject to regulatory capture by government Question: Why does the chart for textbooks drop slightly over the last two years of the chart: … Continue reading

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What Leftists Fail To Understand About Poverty

Conservatives and Libertarians believe that to be successful requires the adoption of the values of discipline (esp in matters of health and work habits), the ability to defer gratification, initiative, and accountability to name a few. People on the Left … Continue reading

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It’s Better To Be Rich

This editorial, from the Washington Post lamenting the notion that rich people get to spend more money than poor people on breakfast sandwiches. Well, we’ve always know it’s better to be rich and now we know why. Stephen Kruiser writing … Continue reading

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Riots Just Don’t Work

Is the title of Meagan McArdle’s latest post on the Website, BloombergView. Now, I am a big fan of Ms. McArdle, but I take issue with one of the underlying assumptions behind her essay. Here’s how she put it: The … Continue reading

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