Crocodile Tears for Martin O’Malley

clinton-flip-flopsFor Martin O’Malley to say that Clinton has changed her position on virtually every issue is to oppose the Democrats’ long-running (and effective) strategy for victory. As Mark Steyn (as quoted by Ed Driscoll) wrote some six years ago,

Democrats win by pretending to be to the right of who they really are. Their base understands and accepts this. Thus, when Democrat candidates profess to believe that “marriage is between a man and a woman” or to be “personally passionately opposed to abortion” or even to favor “the good war” in Afghanistan and if necessary invade Pakistan, their base hears this as a necessary rhetorical genuflection to the knuckledragging masses but one that will be conveniently discarded on the first day in office.

O’Malley just doesn’t get it.

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