On The Decline of American Values

Stephen Kruiser writes

The Democrats are presently waging war on the Fifth Amendment to satisfy their ideological blood lust for the Second. Rep. John Lewis, who as a young civil rights pioneer was watched by J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI and also accidentally placed on a federal no-fly list despite being a veteran member of Congress, is now a champion of using secret FBI lists to strip away Second Amendment rights. I’ll run off and make a cup of coffee while you let that sink in.

independenceI’m in Kruiser’s camp, but perhaps more cynically. Kruiser, like many of us, hold to the belief that if we can just cite a sufficient number of Democrat hypocrisies the mainstream American citizen will see the light. Alas, it occurs to me that the mainstream American citizen is unaware of how American’s once valued independence, or, as David Burge (a.k.a. @iowahawkblog) recently tweeted, “Holy crap, we’ve raised an entire generation who are terrified of not being ruled over.”




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