Does Systemic Racism Exist? NO!

By way of introduction, I am, by education, temperament, and profession an empiricist. Opinions, to be valid, must flow from, and be rooted in, objective data, not the other way around. For me, racism is objectively evil and must be called out at every opportunity. With that in mind, I’ve been interested in actively combating the evils of racism ever since I read Dinesh D’Souza’s book, “The End of Racism”.

The problem, however, is that the Left has devalued racism. Racism is now defined as having occurred if the execution of a policy results in a “disparate impact”. This means that if the outcome of a policy (e.g., educational, housing, employment, etc.,) is a distribution that is racially unequal, racism must have been the cause even if the policy was instituted in a racially neutral manner. Disparate Impact is the basis for the concept of systemic racism.

The concept of “white privilege” is a form of systemic racism in which the disparate impact of a policy results in racial inequality that favors Whites. In other words, White privilege is a specific form of systemic racism.

In the videos that follow, three black men, Colman Hughes, Larry Elder, and Brandon Tatum, address and destroy the idea of system racism.

In this video, Coleman Hughes lays out the big picture.

In this next video below, Larry Elder rebuts specific proof statements offered by advocates of Systemic Racism. As an aside, this video, according to Dave Rubin the interviewer, constituted his “Red Pill” moment – the signature event that started Rubin, a liberal at the time, on his road to conservatism.

In this final video, Brandon Tatum (a Black ex-Police Officer) and Dave Rubin discuss the reality of race and policing. It’s very long (1 hour and 9 minutes) and worth every minute of your time. However, if time is pressing, just watch the last 15 minutes.

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