Fake News – Thy Name Is Climate Change


I’ve been watching the new BBC documentary, “Our Planet” on Netflix narrated by Sir David Attenborough. I’m truly a sucker for natural history documentaries but my love for the genre comes at a price. In return for absolutely gorgeous cinematography I have to put up with Attenborough’s lies about climate change.

The latest episode typifies the sleaze of the woke documentarian. In this episode, we see grisly pictures of Walruses who apparently fell en mass from a high cliff onto the beach rocks below and died. Attenborough attributes this tragedy to man-made climate change. Evidently the reduction in the ice-pack causes the Walruses to “haul-out”, climb to the top of cliffs and hurl themselves to their death.

It’s all a lie. The event occurred in 2017 in which polar bears drove the walruses over the cliff. Attenborough (who ought to know better) and the producers deliberately chose to lie about the incident because everything bad is the result of global warming. Both the Siberian Times and Gizmode reported on the event and their reporting is “quite clear that the walruses were driven over the cliffs by polar bears, Netflix makes no mention of their presence. Similarly, there is no mention of the fact that walrus haulouts are entirely normal. Instead, Attenborough tells his viewers that climate change is forcing the walruses on shore, where their poor eyesight leads them to plunge over the cliffs.”

Saturday Stupidity: Epic fail by @ourplanet

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