Should This Be An Impeachable Offense?

In Today’s Washington Post:

Business the Trump Way

By the time he took office the President “was wealthy primarily because of real estate — renting and selling his vast holdings.” Interestingly, “his renters or purchasers could [and often did] include foreigners.” Moreover, even after taking office , “the president received constant reports from his nephew and subsequent managers and wrote to them at least monthly…”

Indeed, one letter written shortly before taking office deserves scrutiny given the current debate surrounding presidential emoluments. It now turns out that the President wrote to a United Kingdom official, Arthur Young, asking whether he (Mr. Young) had connections with people who might be interested in business opportunities. More interestingly, as reported in the Washington Post today, the President asked that their correspondence be kept strictly private writing that “in the opinion of others, there [may] be impropriety” in this solicitation.

Question: Does “the Constitution limit a president’s management of, or benefit from, his existing business ventures.”?

Read the entire article if you care about what’s happening to this country.

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