Matthew 25:35-40 and the Syrian Refugees

matt25.35-40This verse is used universally by the Left against Christians who object to the blanket granting of refugee status to the Syrian refugees. Most Christian responses I’ve read respond incoherently or sputter and change the subject. However, there is a very good, cogent, and morally responsible response to Christ’s admonition to care for the oppressed and it is this:

It is just and right that the refugees be resettled in the Middle East so that they may be restored to their homeland at the conclusion of the conflict. We can still provide protection from the military conflict, shelter, food, medical care, education, religious liberty, clothes, and companionship. Even better, the refugees will not have to give up their customs, values, and their language.

Hell, we can even provide air conditioning if Saudi Arabia agrees to use the thousands of their air conditioned housing tents that lie unoccupied for the greater part of every year.

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