NOTE To Lefties: Suck It Up Snowflake

As it has been written, “For as ye sew the wind so shall ye reap the whirlwind“.

Note to Lefties: what goes around, comes around and you deserve every bit and more of what President Trump dishes out in response to your lies and vicious calumny. He wages war by the same rules you do so suck it up, snowflake.

You’ve claimed Trump is a white supremacist (not true), a Nazi (exposing your own ignorance), that he is running concentration camps (more ignorance – willful this time), a child abuser, a child killer, a racist (objectively not true), that he’s committed incest with his daughter, that he’s anti-semitic (laughably not true), a retard, a cheeto, a rapist, Hitler, a Russion spy, a crook,a murderer, a genocidal maniac, blah, blah, blah. You’ve called his supporters Nazis (and what a stupid, ignorant claim this is), knuckle-draggers, bigots, etc.

But when Trump calls out you progressive morons you melt like hail in August, throw tantrums, run to the fainting couches, and double down on your evil invective. As for these loony women, do they condemn terror attacks – Yesterday’s or last week’s Antifa attack on an ICE facility, or even 9/11? No.

Never have I seen any pearl-clutching by the Left when these hateful, false, and vicious progressive women launch their calumnies at Trump (or when a Lefty attempts to murder Republican congressmen, or Antifa brutalizes college students, or attempts to blow up an ICE facility. But, whoaaaa baby! Look what happens when these vindictive lefty women get called out for their gutter invective. Their crocodile tears flood the MSM networks.


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