The LEFT: Politics, Guns, and Civil War

Exerpts from the video/lecture  (Starts at 2:04 and continues to 39:11)

Under Obama, a state wasn’t allowed to go to the bathroom without asking permission. But under Trump, Jerry Brown can go around saying that California is an independent republic and sign treaties with other countries.

It’s illegal for states to enforce immigration law because that’s the province of the Federal government. But it’s legal for states to ban the Federal government from enforcing immigration law.

Volunteer governments are unjust. Professional governments are fair. That’s the credo of the left. We’re in a civil war between conservative volunteer government and leftist professional government

The Trump years are going to decide if America survives. When his time in office is done, we’re either going to be California or a free nation once again.

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Is Trump Destroying Our Alliances?

From the estimable Stephen Green (@instapundit)

It seems like only a day or two ago that David Frum claimed we had a President who was “smashing apart America’s alliance structures.”

Unlike some US presidents I could name, whose administration referred to one of our allies as a “chickenshit” and a “coward,” ungraciously dismissed Great Britain fairly regularly, stripped planned missile defenses from our NATO allies in vain pursuit of Putin’s friendship — all before taking Iran’s mullahs into his warm embrace.

I seem to recall Obama promising an “Asia pivot” to strengthen our position there, but failing to deliver. Trump however might actually be achieving it by improving military relations with Japan and even Vietnam.

And it was Obama who poisoned relations with Egypt, and whose strategic spinelessness over Syria that made Russia a power player in the region for the first time in decades.

But Trump is the one upsetting our alliance structure because reasons.

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Update: Just For You, My Lefty Friends

LEFTY REASONING: A British broadcaster doggedly tries to put words into the academic’s mouth.


NO DOUBT ABOUT IT, IT’S COLLUSION ALL RIGHT: Pentagon Counters Russia & Tests New SM-3 IIA Missile for Poland.

The Pentagon will soon fire its emerging SM-3 IIA interceptor missile from a land-based Aegis Ashore site for the first time as part of a broad-based, multi-year effort to help defend European allies from short and intermediate-range ballistic missile attacks from Russia, Iran or other potential adversaries.

A follow on to the SM-3, the SM-3 IIA is a larger and more high-tech interceptor missile able to destroy threatening targets at longer ranges; the weapon, being developed as part of a cooperative arrangement between the US Missile Defense Agency and Japan, is designed to work in tandem with Aegis radar systems to track and destroy approaching enemy missiles – by knocking them out
of the sky.

“This is the end of the development phase. We are transitioning into production. This is the final flight test before we get into operational testing,” Amy Cohen, SM-3 Program Director, told Warrior Maven in an interview.

Never mind that in his first year in office, Barack Obama canceled missile defense plans we had with Poland and Czechia in hopes of courting Vladimir Putin.

Oh, and who can forget this mic drop,

Speaking of collusion with Russia, there’s always Hillary Clinton’s Uranium One/Russia scandal. Considering all this, it’s almost as though all this talk about Trump colluding with Russia was just some kind of smokescreen for Democratic collusion with Russia.


EVEN THE LEFTIES HAVE BEGUN TO NOTICE: How the Right’s War on Unions Is Killing the Democratic Party.

Since 2010, six states have passed “right-to-work” laws, meaning that workers can benefit from union representation without paying to keep the union funded. In other states, Republican legislatures have hamstrung public-sector unions by denying them collective-bargaining power.

Everyone remembers the high-profile battle in Wisconsin that Governor Scott Walker launched in 2011, but the union-busting efforts have not slowed down. In 2017, Missouri and then Kentucky’s right-to-work laws were rammed through within weeks of Republicans’ gaining power, and Iowa successfully limited the collective-bargaining power of public-sector unions. There was a push to do the same in New Hampshire, though it failed.

Few of these battles drew the same attention as what happened in Wisconsin, particularly after Donald Trump’s carnival began dominating news coverage. But there is good reason to believe that all these efforts will profoundly change the future of American politics.

It’s nice to see the Left acknowledge, even tacitly, that they can’t win without the advantage of legalized theft against the workingman.


WEIRD, I WAS ASSURED THAT THE TAX BILL WOULD ONLY BENEFIT A FEW BILLIONAIRES: 125,000 Disney employees to receive $1,000 cash bonus due to tax reform.


IS THIS WHAT THE LEFT MEANS BY MORE BENEFITS FOR THE RICH: How JPMorgan Will Spend a Big Chunk of Its Tax Windfall. “The biggest U.S. bank is planning to open more branches, expand mortgage lending and boost pay for some employees.”

The largest U.S. bank by assets is planning to open up to 400 branches in new markets across the country, grow its home lending to lower-income consumers and boost wages for some retail-banking employees, among other changes, Chief Executive James Dimon said in an interview.

JPMorgan is one of many large companies passing its employees or clients some of the windfall of billions of dollars in expected additional profit from the tax-code overhaul enacted late last year. The bank’s effective tax rate will be about 19% this year and 20% over the near term, down from 35% previously, finance chief Marianne Lake said during an earnings call earlier in January.

“In anticipation [of tax reform], we asked our people: ’What can we do? What different things can we do to help? What can we do to accelerate our growth?’” Mr. Dimon said of the planned new investments. “This is good for the business, good for employees, [good for] wages, skills, jobs.”


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Weekly Wrap Up

Rod Dreher: A Lefty has second thoughts about Shitholes

“Let’s think about Section 8 housing. If word got out that the government was planning to build a housing project for the poor in your neighborhood, how would you feel about it? Be honest with yourself. Nobody would consider this good news. You wouldn’t consider it good news because you don’t want the destructive culture of the poor imported into your neighborhood. Drive over to the poor part of town, and see what a shithole it is. Do you want the people who turned their neighborhood a shithole to bring the shithole to your street?

No, you don’t. Be honest, you don’t.”

Andrew Klaven: “Nothing scandalizes a Leftist like the truth


Speaking of truth. Here’s how the press handled the truth of the President’s health?

President Trump’s Health Report


Matthew Continetti writes of Semantha Powers, former U. N. Ambassador:

Never does [Samantha] Power give any indication that the policies and character of the administration she served for eight years might have had some role in the outcome of the election. Weak economic growth, capricious and stultifying and often-unconstitutional regulation, a rejection of military deterrence in favor of negotiation and accommodation with undemocratic great powers and their proxies, the removal of troops from Iraq and the supercilious reference to ISIS as the “JV team,” the constant tweaking and trolling of conservatives and Republicans to make them batty, and all enacted with an omnipresent and choking air of moral and intellectual superiority and pride—none of this factors in her analysis. So convinced is Power of the righteousness of her positions and stature and the inevitable course of History and Progress that Trump appears to her almost as an apparition, a figure from a different dimension, far removed from any universe in which she and her boss lived and acted. Another Obama mistake.

I don’t mean to single out Power. This distended mentality of merit and awesome lack of self-awareness was an Obama administration specialty.



Snow covers half of the continental United States (including Hawaii)



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