Are Liberal Jews Destroying Their Religion?


It’s time American Jewry repaired itself instead of the world“. — Jonathan Neumann

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Resistence Is Futile

Wonderful piece today by the inestimable Don Surber titled, “Why the Resistance Is Futile“. The heart of Mr. Surber’s piece is this quote:

The Times approach to Trump supporters was laughably offensive. It reported, “In interviews across the country over the last few days, dozens of Trump voters, as well as pollsters and strategists, described something like a bonding experience with the president that happens each time Republicans have to answer a now-familiar question: ‘How can you possibly still support this man?'”

Buried in Paragraph 26 was the answer, from John Westling, 70, of Princeton, Minnesota, who said, “Let’s see. Economy booming, check. Unemployment down, check. Border security being addressed, check. Possible end to the Korean War that started when I was 3 years old, 68 years ago, check.”

Actions are more important than Words.

The press is made up of wordsmiths. This is why most of them do not get it.

And Democrats are word people. This is why most of them don’t get it.

Wordsmiths are inordinately popular with the Left. Intelligence is measured largely by glibness. To a Lefty, quick, sharp retorts are evidence of deep thoughts. Why was Obama worshipped? It wasn’t for his policy positions. His were largely standard, well-worn Lefty tropes expressed as lies intended to lull the ignorant into ignoring their consequences (“If you like your doctor…“, etc.,). No, he was thought to be highly intelligent by his supporters even though his intellectual achievements are unknown (or, kept secret). But, he was glib and he was articulate. Sarah Palin, she of the mama-bear metaphor, was surely no wordsmith of Obama’s caliber. So, she was reviled by the Left probably because her policy positions were simple, clear, conscise, and coherent. No big words.

And then there is Trump. A man whose word salads are comprehensible only because he repeats them 6 ways to Sunday – each time different.

Mr. Surber cites 6 reasons why resistence is futile, but the best is this, the fifth reason why the Left’s machinations are futile.

5. President Trump … is not Hitler. In no way, shape, or form is he. The pile of profane pejoratives is staggering. Calling him a cock holster and his daughter the C-word on national television makes him the victim, and totally blows away any argument that he is a despot because if he were both Stephen Colbert and Samantha Bee would be pushing up daisies.

Of course the 6th reason is wonderfully snarky and historically accurate.

6. The Tea Party was American. The Resistance was French.

Please read the whole thing

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The Left’s Infatuation With Hitler

Note that conservatives rarely associate their Leftist protagonists with Nazism. On the other hand, the Left is infatuated with vilifying those with whom they disagree as being Nazis or being Hitler. Apart from the perversness of this practice, there are two additional techniques that the Left today recognizes as powerfully persuasie – and they’re not altogether wrong. These techniques are persuasive, as the holocaust demonstrates. These techniques are  projection, the repeated lie, and false equivalence. No one was better at these techniques than the master of Nazi propaganda – Joseph Goebbels.

Projection – the Left’s tactic of accusing a conservative of thoughts, acts, or emotions of which the Leftist is guilty. In psychology this is called complimentary projection and assumes that conservatives think and feel the same as Leftists. For example, an unfaithful husband may project his character to his wife, believing (or suspecting) her to be unfaithful.

Projection explains why the Left thinks those who disagree with them are immoral cretins and invariably attack their opponent’s character. People who avoid projection, think that those who disagree with them are simply wrong and tend to advance principled arguments in favor of their policies.

1) Repetition – the practice of repeating a false accusation so often as to become ingrained as truth. One of the best recent examples is the repeated lie that Donald Trump called all immigrants animals when, in fact, he was explicitly referring to the inhuman members of the MS13 gang.


2) False Equivalency – is a logical fallacy in which two completely opposing arguments appear to be logically equivalent when in fact they are not (in formal logic, false equivalency is called a fallacy of inconsistency). The most recent example of this was (is?) the TIMES cover photo of Donald Trump sternly looking down on a little girl. The photo was an attempt to advance the false equivalency that Donald Trump (by virtue of his policy) had caused ICE agents to separate the poor girl from her mother (Read more about this here).

Another recent example, and one that did real damage to its target, was Talia Lavin, a fact checker for the New Yorker, tweeted that Justin Gaertner, a double-amputee war veteran and computer forensic analyst for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, was a white supremacist because he wore a Nazi cross on his left elbow. The tweet went viral asserting a false equivalency between that ICE agents hate children. The only problem was this so-called fact checker got it wrong. The cross was a Maltese cross, the symbol of Gaertner’s unit in Afghanistan. But the damage was done.

Photo journalism such as this are reminiscent of Nazi propaganda tactics in which the Nazi propagandist would would portray an image of Jews as rats preying on innocent German civilians. Marry such an image – a Jew and a rat, for example, and message it conveys, while false, are indelibly conveyed. Portray Trump as Hitler and the effect is the same.

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Fact Don’t Matter Because Narrative

Quoted from the Federalist:

TIME magazine is standing by a cover photo and story critical of Trump’s immigration policies that reporters exposed Friday as factually incorrect, wildly misleading, and lacking important context.


(underlined for emphasis)

Please read the article because the principle to which TIME pays obeisance is just this:

Narrative is more important than truth

More to the point, a lie is more politically effective than the truth. Think about that the  next time you read TIME magazine or, for that matter, any article by a Lefty with an ax to grind.

So, here is how Lefty Journalism now works; first, pick a conservative policy. Second, write a fictional account of {children, minorities, poor people, women, etc.} in which members of victim group will suffer under this policy. Publish the account widely asserting that the said minorites are clogging city morgues because they are dying in such huge numbers. When called to account for your lies, assert shamelessly that truth doesn’t matter. What’s important is that this policy is hurtful.

Get it? The point isn’t to persuade readers with truth, but to shock them so deeply that their emotion overcomes critical thinking.

The Left has discovered that asserting fiction to be truth is very effective because most people react emotionally if a story is horrible enough. The Left has no shame so long as the lie serves their political agenda. In this case, the truth behind the TIME cover photo is now irrelevent. The meme has been seen and become part of the public psyche. As Winston Churchill famously noted that “a lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”


UPDATE: TIME issued a correction, sort of.


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