Politicizing Tragedy

Background: Following the news of an Islamic terrorist running down bicycle riders and killing 8 people, Trump sent a flurry of tweets criticizing Chuck Schumer’s infamous Visa Lottery program under which the terrorist was granted entry into the U.S. in 2010.

Among Democrat leaders there followed much hand-wringing, wailing and gnashing of teeth over the uncouthness of tweeting about how immigration policies abet terrorism.

Schumer: “Trump always seems to politicize and divide Americans after national tragedy

Obama: “Mass shootings are ‘something we should politicize”

Headline: Democrats Suddenly Find Politicizing Death Uncouth

Democrat response to Steve Scalise (R) shooting: “Hunt Republicans”

Ever wonder why we all can’t just get along? – Caught On Tape: Democrat Official Says He’s Glad Steve Scalise Got Shot


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