The Left’s Infatuation With Hitler

Note that conservatives rarely associate their Leftist protagonists with Nazism. On the other hand, the Left is infatuated with vilifying those with whom they disagree as being Nazis or being Hitler. Apart from the perversness of this practice, there are two additional techniques that the Left today recognizes as powerfully persuasie – and they’re not altogether wrong. These techniques are persuasive, as the holocaust demonstrates. These techniques are  projection, the repeated lie, and false equivalence. No one was better at these techniques than the master of Nazi propaganda – Joseph Goebbels.

Projection – the Left’s tactic of accusing a conservative of thoughts, acts, or emotions of which the Leftist is guilty. In psychology this is called complimentary projection and assumes that conservatives think and feel the same as Leftists. For example, an unfaithful husband may project his character to his wife, believing (or suspecting) her to be unfaithful.

Projection explains why the Left thinks those who disagree with them are immoral cretins and invariably attack their opponent’s character. People who avoid projection, think that those who disagree with them are simply wrong and tend to advance principled arguments in favor of their policies.

1) Repetition – the practice of repeating a false accusation so often as to become ingrained as truth. One of the best recent examples is the repeated lie that Donald Trump called all immigrants animals when, in fact, he was explicitly referring to the inhuman members of the MS13 gang.


2) False Equivalency – is a logical fallacy in which two completely opposing arguments appear to be logically equivalent when in fact they are not (in formal logic, false equivalency is called a fallacy of inconsistency). The most recent example of this was (is?) the TIMES cover photo of Donald Trump sternly looking down on a little girl. The photo was an attempt to advance the false equivalency that Donald Trump (by virtue of his policy) had caused ICE agents to separate the poor girl from her mother (Read more about this here).

Another recent example, and one that did real damage to its target, was Talia Lavin, a fact checker for the New Yorker, tweeted that Justin Gaertner, a double-amputee war veteran and computer forensic analyst for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, was a white supremacist because he wore a Nazi cross on his left elbow. The tweet went viral asserting a false equivalency between that ICE agents hate children. The only problem was this so-called fact checker got it wrong. The cross was a Maltese cross, the symbol of Gaertner’s unit in Afghanistan. But the damage was done.

Photo journalism such as this are reminiscent of Nazi propaganda tactics in which the Nazi propagandist would would portray an image of Jews as rats preying on innocent German civilians. Marry such an image – a Jew and a rat, for example, and message it conveys, while false, are indelibly conveyed. Portray Trump as Hitler and the effect is the same.

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