Watch: Socialist Does Not Know What Socialism Is

Like so many people who say they support Socialism, or could support socialism, or who see capitalism as greed incarnate, the student in this video is just plain ignorant and Ben Shapiro quickly and elegantly introduces him to the practical distinction between socialism and capitalism.

Now, view this video and then read my thoughts belowl

The weakness in this video is largely obscured by Shapiro’s excellent use of example. But that weakness is one that Socialist subscribers like Bernie Sanders or Occasional Cortex never discuss (actually, these two are quite possibly ignorant as they live in a soundbite world). So, here is what Shapire means by “cram down”:

In a socialist economy your boss is the government. The bureaucrats own the company in which you work. The bureaucrats dictate what you can build, how much you can spend to build it, market it, and sell it. In other words, the money necessary to run your business does not come from your customers. It comes from government bureaucrats! At the risk of belaboring the point, these are bureaucrats who get paid whether or not you succeed.

On the other hand, if you are a private, capitalist company your constituents are your customers, not government bureaucrats. You exist only so long as your widgets offer a product or service customers are willing to buy. If you fail to keep up with market demand or fail to innovate as well as your competitors you go out of business.

NOTE: A subscriber sent me this link that is right on point.

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