Weird How Men Are Avoiding Working or Mentoring Women

I wonder why? Fortunately, the New Times is on it and observes that

“One challenge is to assess the risk of sexual harassment in a company and to identify men who make women uncomfortable — or worse, harass them

“Uncomfortable!” Get it now? It’s not what men do, but rather it’s women’s feelings that govern. When how women feel, not how men act, is determinative, is it any wonder that men would want to limit their risk by avoiding women in the workplace.

A bridge too far, you say? Note that in the following article the judge declined to grant the restraining order but nevertheless said that the woman “had a right to be fearful“. But a “right to be fearful” is based on the presumption that, but for circumstance, all men are rapists or sexual harassers until proven otherwise

Restraining order sought against campus administrator after friendly workplace hug

On the other hand, why does the public not recognize that men take the most dangerous jobs, they fight and die in our wars, yet are told that women “have a right to be fearful” of them, that they are terrible, and the future isn’t for them. Men are expected to shrug it off because, well, that’s what men do. Well, here’s yer toxic masculinity!

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