Why #NeverTrump?

David French has a great article over at National Review titled, “Small Acts of Cowardice Are Destroying Our Culture.” Mr French contends, and I agree, that the destruction of those values by which American culture are defined is

...through the slow accumulation of individually defensible but collectively unjustifiable decisions not to resist. It’s the decision that objecting during diversity training simply isn’t worth the hassle. It’s the decision not to say anything when you see a colleague or fellow student facing persecution because of their beliefs. It’s a life habit of always taking the path of least resistance, keeping your head down, and doing your best to preserve your own family and career.

first they came for the jewsCowardice is probably the proximate cause, but cowardice of this kind arises from a fear of retribution. Concern for one’s well-being is, after all, a necessary virtue properly exercised. So, speaking out against the HR trainer propagating leftist myths about diversity may be prudential vis one’s career.

Self-concern is certainly a pragmatic  (and often excusable) reason for one’s silence in the face of tyranny. But, there is a deeper understanding at work and it underpins MY membership in the #NeverTrump crowd: my faith and my understanding of my responsibility to God, namely to live a life to and for the glory of God. All that we do, and do not do, must glorify God in some way.

Cowardice does not glorify God and to vote for Trump is one of those acts of cowardice of which Mr. French writes. People who would vote for someone they despise – and for good reason (see below) because they fear the alternative – are cowards. And, according to Mr. French, such cowardice is part and parcel destroying American culture.

To vote for Trump – a serial philanderer; a man who delights in destroying the character of his opponents (c.f. Leviticus 19:16); a man with no discernible moral grounding other than materialism; a narcissist who feels no guilt or remorse for any of his acknowledged misdeeds; a man whose charity is akin to the Pharisees who make a great show of their charity – is to diminish God. Were I to hold my nose and vote for Trump I would, thereby affirm that God’ expectations are less important to me than elevating this man to a position in which he would serve as a model of  the antithesis of all that is good and decent in God’s eyes.

I am no coward and will never, ever vote for Trump or those like him.


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