Campaign Finance and the Myth of Big Money

Why did this rich man lose?

Why did this rich man lose?

So, here’s what the Republican presidential candidates spent, per vote, in the New Hampshire primary. Note that Ted Cruz and Donald Trump finished #2 and #1 respectively spending $17 and $37 respectively.  More importantly, these data show that votes cast are not correlated with money spent.


Candidate     Amount Spent     Votes Received    Money Spent Per Vote

Ted Cruz                $580K                         33,189                                  $17

Donald Trump       $3.7M                      100,406                                 $37

Carly Fiorina          $1.8M                         11,706                                 $154

John Kasich          $12.1M                        44,909                                $269

Marco Rubio        $15.2M                         30,032                               $506

Chris Christie      $18.5M                          21,069                                $878

Jeb Bush                 $36M                          31,310                               $1,150

Somebody explain to me, in light of these data, the danger of big money exerting undue influence over voters. Anyone?

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