Since 2004 I have played most of the MMORPGs – World of Warcraft (WoW), Conan, Aion, RIFT, and LOTRO are some of the game worlds I’ve experienced.

In early 2005 at the behest of my step son and three friends, two of whom are Catholic priests (and very, very good players), I began playing World of Warcraft and have been playing ever since. While these guys no longer play the game, I think of them often as I continue my journey through the game and its story line.



I’ve left retail WoW to play on a private server, Nostalrius Begins PVE. I left for two reasons: first, and most important, retail WoW has lost its challenge for the moment. When WoW was first introduced (so-called Vanilla WoW), leveling was difficult – very difficult. Not so today’s retail release. Second, the private servers (of which Nostalrius is one) are free to play. Nostalrius is the best I’ve found so far as its play is largely indistinguishable from the original.

Here’s a video announcing the new Realm.

At the moment, I am playing two characters a affliction Warlock (currently level 44) and a holy priest (currently level 22).



Much has transpired since I last updated this page. Specifically, the movie (above) was released and was quite successful, more so in Asia and Europe. The developers of the private server, Nostalrius, was shut down under threat of copyright infringement by Blizzard. But, a year after the termination of Nostlarius, Blizzard announced that it would re-release the Vanilla version of the game – the game as it was first introduced to market. So, I’m back playing WoW and was even invited to participate as a beta tester.

Anyway, to prepare myself for Blizzard’s release of Vanilla (renamed ‘Classic’), I downloaded the Nostalrius code base and ported it to my own machine. I now have a copy of Nostalrius running on my home computer and am using it to develop AddOns for Blizzard’s Classic. No, it’s not open to the public and is not a private server. Call it a “personal server”.